Facebook Mobile App Install Ads To Bypass App Stores

facebook ios app

Facebook has announced that it will now allow app developers to place ads on its mobile app where users can directly install the app without leaving the Facebook app itself. Facebook calls these ads “mobile app ads”. Starting with iOS 6, users who will click on these ads will not have to leave the Facebook for iOS app to check out the advertised app.

Facebook is also planning on doing the same thing on Android. This is huge in a way that it removes a ton of friction – helping both the app developer and Facebook. Users don’t need to be redirected to specific app stores, leaving their Facebook activity intact. Although it’ll be interesting how Facebook will convince the user that now they can directly install apps without leaving Facebook’s own mobile app.

Facebook introduced the mobile app ads a couple of months back and has been continuously working on adding new features. Today’s announcement includes a few enhancements including in depth insights using demographics(for reporting ad performance) and the ability to customize the creative. Facebook also mentions that users using the latest Facebook mobile apps will get to see high resolution ads which would be more engaging for users.

Facebook targeting app developers is nothing new, especially at a time when it is thinking deep into generating more revenue by exploring multiple options. A number of popular apps have already advertised on Facebook’s mobile app. These include Spotify, Fab and Hotel Tonight.

Author: Harpreet Harpreet is a technology journalist based in India. He is passionate about smartphones. He is currently using an iPhone 4S and a Nexus S.